As I draw the first month of Little Black Dress to a close, I am focused on the concept of gratitude.  If you follow social media, it’s a big topic and, while people’s posts about what they are grateful for today are undoubtedly sincere, I can’t help notice that I am incredible aware of my own gratitude.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my priorities in place.  The health and happiness of my family are, of course, important beyond measure.  But, since opening Little Black Dress almost 30 days ago I have been genuinely touched by the regular and heartfelt support of friends, family and community.

To begin, I have 2 of the most loyal and supportive employees one could ever imagine.  Before the store’s opening they spent their free time helping me paint, purchase, merchandise and market LBD.  They have distributed flyers and postcards on their morning commute to work.  They have agreed to work extra shifts beyond what they originally agreed to and when asked the only answer I was given was “sure!”

I couldn’t employ a better marketing team than my parents and in-laws.  They have tapped into their wide network of friends and acquaintances to advertise LBD on my behalf.  They have sent flowers to brighten my opening day and supplied dinners for my family when I was too overwhelmed to cook.  Don’t even get me started on how they have stepped up to watch my 8 year old when my husband and I needed to spend long hours doing construction, painting, etc.

I was amazed at the number of people who turned up for the ribbon cutting ceremony for Little Black Dress.  State Representative Glen Grell and Camp Hill Mayor Mark Simpson took time on a Saturday morning to preside graciously over the ribbon cutting festivities.  I received flowers from friends and family too far away to visit as well as from local people unable to be with me on my opening day.  My local network of girlfriends has spread the word at their workplaces, on Facebook and around town better than a full page ad in the newspaper!

Local businesses went beyond my wildest expectations!  Passing LBD’s cards and recommending my business to their valued customers was incredibly generous.  I am so thankful to Susan and Nancy of Susan’s Treasures, Judy from Baby Bug and Me, Mark from Blooms by Vickrey, Sue & Al from The Cornerstone Coffee House, Donna from Hello Gorgeous, Kathy from Creative Elegance Boutique, Dori from Mood Swings and Kristen from Four Season Studio of Hair and of course my closest neighbors on Market Street:  Body Logic, Underneath It All and all the ladies, especially Holly, from One Good Woman.

This post would not be complete without the biggest thank you to my husband and 2 children.  Their support and encouragement when things did not go my way was invaluable.  My daughter, while settling into her freshman year at Penn State, found the time to call and text to let me know she’s behind me.  My son has taken it upon himself to suggest to his 2nd grade teacher that she visit LBD!  Lastly my husband who was the first one to believe in me and push me to do this.  He stuck with me through the ups and downs of starting up a business and never for a minute let me second guess myself or my ideas.

Yes, I am fully aware of the concept of gratitude.